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Bioethanol-Fireplace-Rochester-NYBioethanol or Gel fireplaces do not require the installation of a vent or chimney.  It is one of the latest innovations in fireplaces.  Its fuel comes from either isopropyl or ethanol alcohol which has been condensed in gel form to create a longer burn time.  Its exhaust is also smokeless and fumeless.  With a gel fireplace, you may have the warmth, beauty, and convenience of a fireplace in non-traditional locations.

One of its biggest advantages over other types of fireplaces is safety.  Extensive laboratory studies and tests conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA and the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA revealed that gel fuel technology including its accessory parts are safe for indoor and outdoor use.  They have also discovered that the exhausts of the gel canisters do not interfere with air quality.

Bioethanol or gel-fueled fireplaces can be mounted on a wall, free-standing in the corner or middle of a room, inserted into your home entertainment unit, and displayed in a variety of ways.  This style is an innovative and functional accessory to home or patio d├ęcor.  Fuel gels come in a variety of brands for all types of gel fireplaces.  Gel fuel logs can be added into your fireplace, as well.

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