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rochester-ny-fireplace-stoveA stove is a freestanding appliance that offers a traditional and charming addition to your home.  Stoves have the advantage of less cost to purchase and install than a built in fireplace, yet still have the same charm and fantastic view of the fire.  A large variety of sizes and styles are available to fit the decor of any home.

When choosing a stove, there are many fuels to choose from depending on your personal lifestyle and needs.  We offer all types including wood, coal burning, gas and electric.  And we carry almost all major manufactures including -  Lopi, Avalon,  Dimplex, Hampton, Regency,  Jotul, Valor,  Vermont Castings, Saey,  Hitzer, Keystone, Napoleon, Rais, Wittus,  Morso, Hearthstone and Osburn. 

Our families 70+ years of experience & well trained staff will help you decide on the right product for your specific needs and budget. Our expert certified installers will make sure that your fireplace is installed safely, up to all state and local codes and done in a neat, clean and professional manner to optimize your enjoyment and enhance the value of your home.

Your stove will become the focal point of the room, where the entire family can gather to keep warm and cozy, sharing their time together.  By taking an unused wall or corner and adding your personal taste with our design expertise, we can create not only a place of ambiance and warmth but also with the right stove you can help reduce your home heating cost.  Thus, you can conserve energy, live a greener lifestyle and combat volatile heating cost with a high efficiency stove.

Choosing the right stove for you:

WOOD STOVES are the perfect choice for homeowners who want to keep their home warmer and at the same time save money on their home heating cost.  Many people want to be more self sufficient and burn a fuel that is US Grown, green and renewable which again makes wood the perfect choice.  Today's new EPA approved wood stoves are over 75% efficient, burn less wood than older stoves, are safer to install and are much greener for the environment.  A freestanding wood stove is also a great way to live thru emergency situations like ice storms or other times when the power is out.  Many people enjoy cooking or just heating hot water on top, allowing you to eat and heat.

COAL STOVES are much like a wood stove with many of the same advantages, except that you have to purchase your coal verses cutting and harvesting your own wood.  Coal offers the advantage of less work to take care of the fire with much longer burn times.   People who have burned wood for many years often switch to coal because of its convenience.  Coal can be purchased either bulk or in clean, washed and easy to handle 40lb plastic bags making it easy to store and load.

GAS STOVES are today's most popular choice among homeowners, thanks to the convenience, efficiency and safety, plus they look like the real thing when burning.  They come in a large variety of styles and sizes to fit any room or decor.  A direct vent gas stove is the most efficient and healthiest choice.  Unlike unvented or vent free gas stoves, direct vent units use outside air for combustion and exhaust 100% of the unhealthy combustion by products outside the home.  

ELECTRIC STOVES don't require a chimney or any venting system to operate.  They are easy and inexpensive to install, so they are a good option for apartments, condos and town homes.  They also are the perfect choice for people on the move, or for ambiance in a room that does not need much if any extra heat.

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