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coal-stove-rochester-nyCoal stoves were once thought to be an “old fashioned” method of home heating.  With the recent increased expense of gas, electricity and oil, people are again looking to coal-burning stoves and furnaces as a home heating option.

The coal used to fuel these stoves comes from neighboring Pennsylvania, and is considered an alternative energy source to foreign oil and gas.  Clean, washed coal can be purchased from Williamson Hardware in convenient 40lb bags.

Coal stoves operate on a principle similar to wood burning stoves, using natural draft.  The only big difference is that some coal stoves can be power vented with blowers to assist combustion and distribute heat.  The stoves feature grates and ash pans, necessary for collection and easy disposal of the coal ash.  They are cost-efficient and cheaper to use than most other types.  Anthracite (coal) is clean burning and smokeless, with low carbon dioxide emissions.  Most coal stoves continue to operate if there is a power outage, unless they are power vented models, and are a very efficient home heating option.

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