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rochester-ny-electric-fireplace-stoveElectric stoves are considered the most convenient type of heating source which don't require fire wood, pellets, a gas line, or other fuels – plug a unit into an ordinary 120-volt outlet and it's ready to go.  There is no need for ventilation or chimneys and minimal maintenance is required.  The temperature is regulated automatically, or by turning a dial.

Electricity enables the stove to provide nearly 100% of heat output, compared with other types which provide 80% or even 60% efficiency.  The effects have been enhanced through technology to offer a more realistic “fire”.  One drawback is, when there is a power outage, this heat source also goes out.

Visit our Stove Shoppe and consult with one of our experts on how to select the best option to enhance your home and its heating needs.

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